A downloadable game for Windows

Update: There is now a postjam version that adds:

  • 2 characters (all 9 are now playable)
  • Music!
  • Checkpoints
  • Small things here and there like a new route for Dashboy

There is only one level. You unlock new characters and that will change how you have to approach the level. But it will always be the same level.

It's a plattformer. Most gamepads are supported.

Sadly no music. Ran out of time :(
Was made in 48 hours for the 2019 GMTK Gamejam with the theme: "Only one"

Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(27 total ratings)


level1_1.zip 2 MB
level1_1_postjam.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

unzipp and click the thing


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IDK why but for me the other 2 characters are not finished even though I downloaded it again

Maybe you got the wrong file? (The Postjam File is 27MB) Or maybe you just need to unlock them? They can unlock in a confusing order.  Not sure what else could be the problem here.

so amazing!!!!


Mac download?


Sorry. Windows only.


why? I want to play it on Mac...

No save data? Playing on post jam, tapped esc and it closed out without confirmation, when I opened it again everyone but normalboy was locked.


Yeah, sorry about that. Post-Jam Version in this case means that I spent another day to finish what I wanted to do in the jam but coudn't because I ran out of time. It's still very much an unpolished GameJam Game in many ways. Mostly a proof of concept.

I love your approach toward asset reuse. Reminds me Yakuza&Trails series, Kairosoft,  approach on steroids. Rated your game, when it was in Jam, and still return to be inspired by this complex simplicity.

how do i download

ok so i found an exploit... you can actually get up to the sky without dashboy, greedyboy, or skyboy. you need precise jumps but it is possible to get to the sky with NORMALBOY. i don't know if this is usefull, i just found it fun to mess around with

imagine if i made a speedrunning discovery


I figured out Greedyboy and can now do them all consistent, this is one of the best platformers I've ever played! Amazing Job!

Why cant i click on normal boy to start the level

You have to press the space bar or control to start the level. 

Normal boy...?

How do I beat greedyboy?

I cant download it, even though I'm on a PC

What happens when you press the Download button?

Sorry, I got confused with the unzipping. Figured it out. Great game

how do you enter the negative zone

You press X (dive button) while standing on the ground.


it looks cool but it can't be played on a Mac so I can't play it which suck


I really want to play this but my computer is broken :(

Can anyone please send me a 10 hour clip of the music that plays when you enter the negative zone as negative boy?


Fun game!

Holy shit, this is so good! I would love to see this turned into a full fledged indie game on steam with way more than 1 level. The idea is simply genius. The fact that a simple gamejam game would be one of my favorite platformers of all time is just mind boggling.


Holy shit, thank you. I'm working on a different project right now, but maybe someday :)

Great game. I wonder how much more complexity could be introduced by allowing changing boys at save points...


I've been playing this game a lot recently. Definitely a gem. Feels like there's so much to find.

Here's a map I pieced together!

Level 1-1 Map

Find all the boys!


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I really enjoyed the casual playthrough and now I'm running it! Probably my favorite out of gmtk 2019


i wanna see a level 1_1 speedrun

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Lucky for you my channel is full of em! I'll link a playlist here


There are two categories I workshopped, All Boys and All Coins. All Boys is sitting at 2:54 and All Coins is 2:28.

It's a pretty tight run, but there's some improvement to be made to my All Boys time - There's a pretty significant route change for Negative Boy, and I can make better use of a movement exploit that makes you move faster but is tricky to pull off first try.

Also make sure to turn on captions for All Coins in 2:28 to get my commentary

in the first all boys i commented a faster route edit for sky boy

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ah yeah, that's from a while back when it wasn't very optimized. I also noticed that route and that's what I use now. Check this one out instead!

The unofficial sequel to This Is The Only Level! Great game, it must have been hard to tune the level for so many different characters. Sadly I couldn't figure out how to complete the level with Dashboy and Greedyboy. So the thrid and second boys from the right didn't unlock. However, the most right one did (not sure if this is a bug).

Oh, those took me a long time! For Dashboy, it is just a matter of doing some tight jumps. A tip I could've used is while jumping on the 2-enemies, you can actually ctrl to the left ledge, making it a lot more trivial. Greedyboy is a bit more difficult. Collecting the coins in the shallower water is crucial at the end.



I love this game, but when I mess something up, like bouncing on an enemy but missing a platform, you have to wait for the enemy to respawn or just kill yourself to retry. I don't know if there is an actual retry-button, but if there isn't, I should add that for sure (If you're going to continue working on this game, that is!)

A great game! Played through all of it!


Would be really coolif you could lock onto one boy so that if you want to play hat boy until you have beaten the level,you cant misclick onto another boy after dieing. Happened to me quite a lot

Nice game