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This completely nonlinear detective game lets the player take over a murder case as the infamous mindcop. A grumpy police investigator with the ability to surf people's brainwaves to acquire otherwise hidden information. To do this, the player must complete a tetris-style puzzle game. Some suspects minds are easy to access but others might be more resistant.

To solve the case and find the killer, players can move freely and visit any house in the neighborhood and question, mindsurf or even arrest anyone they meet. All of this will cost them time, which is the game's main resource and it is limited! Players are forced to make their own decisions and deductions and follow their own personal trail.

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, Detective, Noir

Install instructions

How to install the Demo:

  1. Download
  2. Unzip
  3. Start via "MindcopDemo.exe"


Mindcop Demo.zip 138 MB

Development log


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Wow, i came here to see Level 1_1 but found this, this game is aready so good. everything just seems perfect from the demo (i love the typewriter noise btw) id pay a ton for the full game.

the animation in this is ungodly amounts of smooth and expressive, and the story, concept, and dialogue are super unique and just awesome in general.

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Woah, I'm super impressed.

I'm working on detective game kind of like this right now, so coming across this demo has been really encouraging.

I really dig the level of detail you put into the little things. I'll be replaying this demo for sure.

Absolutely amazing! Can't wait for the full game.

Really cool game! 

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Freu mich jetzt schon auf die Vollversion 😊